Venuenext. Telling a story through the inferface.

Communication Designer / 2016

The Project

Venuenext is transforming the way guests experience every kind of venue, from arenas and concert halls to hotels and hospitals. Its technology platform brings together a venue’s isolated operational systems, giving guests seamless access to the services offered and improving the venue’s business performance through tracking and real-time analytics.

I was tasked with designing product mockups to communicate its various features and use cases for VenueNext’s public website.

(There were several talented individuals who worked on the launch of this website. I've done my best to highlight and show my contribution here.)

The Process

These mockups, although abstract, need to feel realistic without distracting prospective clients from understanding the message. We walked the fine line between creating a functional interface and abstract diagrams.

I worked closely with Bryan (Senior Designer), Louise (Marketing, VP), and Peter (Product Design, Director) to ensure I was telling the right story as well as doing the actual product justice.

The Goods

We made sure all the graphics created are consistent in style, but also flexible enough to be branded for each industry. These assets are used all throughout to highlight key use cases specific to each industry, as well as product capabilities.


(Animation by Andrew Bogenhagen.)

Mobile Guest Experience. Give guests access to your venue’s offerings at the touch of a button with a context-aware smartphone app.

Wisdom®. Make real-time data-driven decisions that heighten overall guest experiences and maximize revenues.

Canopy®. A venue command center that gives you the control to make changes across your venue systems on the fly, all behind the scenes.

Use Cases

Venuenext is a technology company that’s focused on enhancing venue experiences starting with three key industries: sports & entertainment, hospitality, and healthcare. Here are selected parts of the website which include assets I created to highlight various use cases for the company's technology.

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