Rushlook. Building a multi-platform shopping experience.

Product Designer / 2016-17

The Project

Rushlook wants to bring online shopping another step closer to the traditional retail experience. By delivering products within an hour, equipped with its handy worry-free Home Try-On perk, users can feel the near-instant satisfaction of physically holding and trying on their purchased goods in the comforts of their own homes.

My role here is to lead the design effort for Rushlook, working closely with its two co-founders from Omega Group.

This project is still ongoing and under development. Rushlook is evolving daily and will be launched in late 2017 -- stay tuned!

The Vision

A seamless & stress-free experience

The shopping experience can easily become overwhelming and exhausting through a lot of decision making. Rushlook’s brand and product experience revolves around making users feel confident, comfortable, and stress-free.

The Journey

Prioritizing availability

Early on through research and interviews, we learned that multi-platform availability is very important for the retail industry. Shoppers browse products on their phones or tablets as well as desktops before making their decisions. This is why Rushlook prioritized the effort to making its experience available and consistent across multiple channels.

Reducing complexity

Designing a multi-brand ecommerce site can quickly become very overwhelming. We iterated upon the structure of the site and app several times to ensure we weren’t overwhelming users, while still offering the range of products Rushlook has to offer.

A flexible design system

As we are working with several brands with various types of products, we encountered several design challenges in finding the best way to display all these products in a clear and consistent manner. We needed a uniform system that is not too rigid, so it can be adapted to display different kinds of information without feeling out of place.

The push for my involvement with Rushlook has always been to design a working design system, instead of one-off solutions for its products. As Rushlook is still evolving, we need a way to quickly iterate, test, and adapt to new findings without losing track of Rushlook’s identity.

The Results

A preview of what we're working on

A full case study is in the works.

Disclaimer: photography shown in the mockups were used for prototyping purposes only. We do not own the rights to these photos but are simply looking to convey an artistic direction for our scheduled photoshoot.

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