FlexTeam. Creating a fun and simple experience for outsourcing.

Digital Designer / 2016

The Project

FlexTeam is a modern way to solve challenging business problems expertly. They believe that hiring consultants and outsourcing doesn’t have to be a long difficult process. Initiated by MIT women alumni and 79 Studios, FlexTeam has connected over 150 talented and accomplished women (with an average of 10 years of experience) in order to make solving business issues more efficient and impactful.

I was approached to design their external website and touch-up their brand. The goal of this project was to have a more cohesive brand that conveys FlexTeam’s professional-yet-fun personality.

The Process & The Goods

Working closely with founder/CEO, Saujin Yi, we went through a few iterations for the website starting from sketches, wireframes, and then high-fidelity mockups.

The story drives both copy and design.

Saujin came to me with some in-progress copy and topics that she would like to be conveyed to users. She was really open-minded and welcomed changes to make the story more natural and logical for the design, which helped take the copy to its current polished state. It’s very important to not think that one comes before the other. Approaching both copy and design concurrently allowed us to tell a more cohesive story.

Knowing the audience

Thinking about the story, rather than just the content or the design, meant we were also thinking about our audience. We realized we wanted to communicate to two different audiences: prospective clients and prospective contractors. This meant we were able to target and prioritize our users, which led to restructuring the sitemap to make each story more cohesive.

The Brand: A Face Lift

FlexTeam wasn’t quite ready for a deep-dive branding exercise, but they wanted a fresh and uniform brand that reflects their personality.

The original logo felt chunky and masculine. Since FlexTeam is a team of primarily women, we wanted to make the logo mark more gender-neutral. It should convey strength, as well as flexibility.

I also created a set of icons under the same concept for a clean, professional-yet-fun way of conveying our ideas across.

Together with an initial style guide and a purposeful story, FlexTeam is now able to efficiently move forward and shape the future of the company’s roadmap.

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